Pharmacy Sale Process

We would like to introduce you to the entire process of the sale of your pharmacy in a simplified way.

Milestone No. 1 – Conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement between you and our company

The agreement will govern the rules of handling your sensitive data that we will need to become familiar with your business. Simply said, the agreement will be your protection against “obtaining information regarding your company by false potential buyers for various unfair purposes“.

Milestone No. 2 – Provision of basic information about your business

At this stage you will clarify in what form you will sell your pharmacy. According to the legal personality, you sell: a business share, stock, part of your business, etc. You will give us basic details regarding your pharmacy, lease conditions, staff, overhead costs and sales. As to the sales, we will want to know the volume of sales of prescribed drugs (RX), over-the-counter sales (OTC), health equipment sales, etc. Furthermore, we will evaluate the track margins in these segments.

Milestone No. 3 – Indicative offer

Based on an analysis of the details given before, you will receive an initial offer from a potential buyer. The offer will usually include additional requirements for individual parameters.

Milestone No. 4 – Due diligence

If a buyer is interested in your pharmacy, you will be subject to a detailed analysis of your business called due diligence. This usually consists of the following areas:

  • Contracts and registrations
  • Accounting and economic situation
  • Business
  • Staff

Milestone No.5 – Purchase contract conclusion

The successful sale of your pharmacy will be concluded with a purchase agreement and a protocal transfer of the facility.

Pharmacy Sale Process